Solar Lighting System

Solar Photovoltaic Lighting System:     

Solar photovoltaic system works on the principle of converting sunlight energy into electric energy. This is done by using photovoltaic silicon solar cells. When light energy strikes on solar cells, energy is transmitted by the movement of electrons. The flow of electrons results in a potential difference. This potential difference is stored in rechargeable batteries and can be used whenever needed.

Solar photovoltaic system converts the sunlight into DC electricity through solar cells. The generated electricity through a solar photovoltaic system can either be used directly or may be stored in the batteries for use during night hours.

Major components of Solar photovoltaic system are Solar Photovoltaic Panel, Battery to store energy, Controller to prevent battery from over charging and discharging and a cable that connects the panel to battery and with each other to complete the system. The panel is placed / installed on the roof top facing clear south direction.
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